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Diversity United - Shared screen with speaker view
Rev. Louise S. Rountree
Isabela Freedman
Question: To Rob. Do you think we should take the word Race out of all government, college, health forms we fill? And if we take the word out, could can we protect people from society bias, prejudice suffered for years?
Kay Reese
Intelligence is often framed as racially based. Does ethnicity play a role in the definition of intelligence?
Kimberly Wright-White
I have a question
Robert Karp
Thelaziness extends to medical writing where data for "Blacks" and "whites" are presented without a discussion of the social and economic differences as well as frank racism that are the cases for the difference. As it stands, readers assume that "race" is the source ofdifference.
Kay Reese
How can we change race from our definitions when so much of our economy is measured by and assigned by race?